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Double Chilli | Brand Identity

椒椒相見 Double Chilli, launched in Hong Kong during the spicy-hot summer of 2021, offers the most authentic Sichuan cuisines. Unlike any other traditional Chinese restaurant, Double Chilli, with the homophone wordplay Chinese naming, has clearly set a statement of boldness of being extraordinary.


Welvermind projects the brand’s playfulness further, louder and spicier by crafting a set of authentic visual identity & art direction.

Thinking Double Chilli as a hybrid intersection lies within the contrast of the modernised funkiness versus the traditional spiciness; the brand experience has been introduced as a time capsule spicy journey, where Double Chilli is the entrance of where it all begins.


Speaking of being as an entrance, a vibrant graphic of the ancient Chinese door with handles & decors has been created, and applied as the brand key visual. The highly-saturated art direction aims to maximise the cheesy impression by transforming all the classic design details into its simplest form.


To strengthen and achieve a cohesive brand image, we have extended the brand visual identity to both digital and print applications including stickers, signage, t-shirts, menu, leaflet, packaging and to the digital templates.

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    椒椒相見 Double Chilli