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60 Days Of Discovery

Got frustrations on your projects? Got no motivation? Got no ideas for what to do next?
You’re not alone.

Let’s take this chance to embrace all these negative vibes in the thinking process, and to transform them into ideas & visuals that we no longer afraid of. This is an experiment, of creating 60 black and white visuals, with & without meaning, in 60 days to see how the creative process works, and to self-motivate. And, of course, to discover who you are.

Special Thanks:
kinki-k [a.k.a. no.vingtsept] on key animations


Creating 60 visuals in black and white in 60 days to embrace all my daily emotions came across from working in the creative field, and take them as my inspirations in this project.

  • Strategy

    Brand, Visual Communication

  • Design

    Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design

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