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daap | Brand Identity

Located in Central, Hong Kong, daap offers creative and fusion dishes, and takes a good balance to craft a brand new tasting experience. Like the story behind the name “daap” , which comes from the pronunciation [daap1] of the Chinese character “嗒” that refers to the process of experience taste.

Welvermind has crafted a minimal visualization with the art direction of using gradient to develop the whole identity system. When the color slowly changes, that is exactly where the beauty of gradient is, what’s more that also echo with the core value of daap that taste changes accordingly and gradually while experiencing. Following the direction of minimal yet playful & cheesy, content-wise, Welvermind has consolidated a brand tone with a set of wordplay to bring up the brand’s DNA of combing local & cultural context. From the daap-finition to the daap-ness & daap-th,that linguistic approach daap-finitly bring readers back to the core brand idea.

The logo is structured in a minimal approach where each letter typography is formed with an outlined circle and a rounded rectangular shape. Ending up the logo is in a combination of a typeface and graphic. Putting the gradient concept in to the icon, which is constructed when all 4 letters of “daap” are aligned all in centre. From expanding the icon to the logo, that’s just another form of visualisation of the gradient concept, which also build a much more dynamic and playfulness to the brand image.