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Visual Voices | Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Brand strategy & visual identity system created for Visual Voices, a photography studio based in Hong Kong specialising in producing minimal, artistic & commercial photography. Founded by the chief photographer Winnie Yeung, Visual Voices has the philosophy to embrace the power of imagery, let the visual voices. Welvermind has been worked closely with the team as the brand design consultant on crafting the branding, including brand strategy development, visual identity, applications and a series of booklet designs.

Taken the initial letter “W” of  the founder as the foundation of the core logo concept, the letter W is further divided into two letter V, which literally is the abbreviation of the brand name. Simply surround the designed letter “W” with a circle to denote as the focal point of an imagery, the icon is made to be bold and classy, which echo with the signature abstract and clean photography direction of the brand. Making everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Visual Identity, Brand Strategy

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